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Miller: Let’s Move the Blue Water Bridge Plaza Expansion Project Forward

by Candice Miller on July 30, 2010

LaHood: U.S. Department of Transportation Neutral on DRIC
WASHINGTON – U.S. Congresswoman Candice Miller (MI-10) today discussed Michigan transportation and border-crossing issues with Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Ray LaHood during a Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure hearing.  Congresswoman Miller spoke to Secretary LaHood about the importance of the Blue Water Bridge Plaza expansion project and the role DOT can play to expedite construction.  Miller reminded Secretary LaHood that the Blue Water Bridge is the second busiest crossing on the Northern Tier, and invited his office to visit the Blue Water Bridge plaza and explore ways DOT can move the plaza expansion project forward; an invitation Secretary LaHood accepted on behalf of his department.
“The Blue Water Bridge plaza expansion project should be a high priority for our state and our nation to invest in our infrastructure to further benefit the transit of commerce between our nation and Canada,” Miller said.  “The Canadians have already completed the expansion of the plaza on their side of the border, but action has not taken place on ours.  I am very pleased that Secretary LaHood stated that he or someone from his office would be willing to come to Port Huron to meet with transportation officials in Michigan and their Canadian counterparts to help get this project moving forward, jobs created and improve the flow of commerce and vehicle traffic between the United States and Canada.”
Additionally, Congresswoman Miller asked Secretary LaHood what DOT and the federal government’s position was concerning plans to build the Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC) Project which has been an issue of much debate in Michigan. 
In response, Secretary LaHood said, “Those are decisions that need to be made by people in Michigan and people in Canada.  If we can be helpful in getting people to the table and talking about it that’s fine, but we need to let folks that are elected by the people in the country of Canada and the state Michigan make those decisions.  I have talked to the governor a lot about the DRIC and we are waiting for the Michigan Legislature to make a decision.”
Miller concluded, “While a decision on the DRIC is still pending with the legislature, the Governor, MDOT and their Canadian counterparts, we must not forget that there is unanimity on the need to finish the Blue Water Bridge Plaza project.  We must not let the delay in finding a solution in Detroit to adversely effect what is happening in Port Huron.  We need action on getting the job done in Port Huron and I welcome Secretary LaHood’s interest and look forward to him or his staff’s visit to the Blue Water Bridge in the near future.”

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