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Miller demands oversight for Enbridge pipe dented beneath St. Clair River

by Candice Miller on August 25, 2010

Miller demands oversight for Enbridge pipe dented beneath St. Clair River



WASHINGTON – A pipeline that spilled hundreds of thousands of gallons of crude oil into a tributary of the Kalamazoo River late last month has a dent in a section that runs under the St. Clair River where it crosses from southeastern Michigan into Canada, a Michigan congresswoman revealed Wednesday.

Officials with Enrbidge Energy Partners, the Canadian-based company that owns the pipeline, told U.S. Rep. Candice Miller of the dent in the line in her district in a letter last Friday.

Miller, a Harrison Township Republican, on Wednesday called for the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to expand the scope of its Sept. 15 hearing beyond looking into the pipeline rupture that occurred last month near Marshall in mid-Michigan, saying the Enbridge letter indicated the company “has not yet developed a long-term remediation plan” for the section of Line 6B crossing beneath the St. Clair River because of difficulties in accessing the site.

In the letter to Miller, Enbridge official Steve Wuori assured the congresswoman that once the dent was found in the pipeline under the river, the company reduced pressure in the line and took other measures to make sure it was safe to operate until it can be fixed or replaced. Enbridge had earlier notified federal officials of hundreds of anomalies found in Line 6B through testing, though all were east of the spill site in mid-Michigan.

Miller – in a letter to House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Jim Oberstar – said while Enbridge assured her the dented pipeline was being “handled appropriately,” she believes Congress must provide “sufficient oversight so that Enrbidge and the (federal) regulators understand that we will not accept a tragic incident under the St. Clair River.”

“There are multiple water intake pipes along the St. Clair River that provide the drinking water for millions in Southeast Michigan. The river also flows into Lake St. Clair and on to the Detroit River and Lake Erie. An accident similar to the event that occurred in Marshall would be simply catastrophic to our region,” she said.

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