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GOP Pledge a product of what the people want

by Candice Miller on September 28, 2010

U.S. Rep. Candice Miller: GOP ‘Pledge’ a product of what the people want


Our Declaration of Independence states that government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. For far too long the federal government has refused to listen and adhere to the will of the American people. In our free society such actions can only lead to disaster and we are seeing the results in our difficult economy.

The Democrats who run Congress have refused to listen to the concerns of Americans while implementing their agenda of out-of-control spending, huge deficits, taxes and bailouts. Now, the people of Michigan have joined a nationwide chorus of voices that want less spending, lower taxes and a smaller government.

In our Republic, the people’s representatives in Washington must listen to the voices of people who are demanding action on a new agenda to restore prosperity and security. Throughout our nation’s history the common sense of the American people has always been the foundation of the American dream. That is why Republicans in the United States House of Representatives sought out that wisdom through the Americans Speaking Out project, which engaged the American people directly on the creation of a new governing agenda. Through this effort we have made, “A Pledge to America,” which serves as our commitment to the American people on a new governing agenda that we will push forward immediately.

This agenda focuses on five key areas: creating jobs, cutting federal spending, reforming Congress, repealing the job-killing health care law and a strong national defense. These are the overwhelming priorities of the American people which Congress must act on immediately.

To create jobs we will pursue legislation to stop all tax hikes, reduce red tape that restrains job creation and end uncertainty that is stopping entrepreneurs from investing in new jobs. During these difficult economic times we must empower small businesses instead of continuing to bury them under new mandates and new taxes from Washington.

We will cut spending by reducing federal outlays to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels. We also will impose a hard cap on future spending and end the Wall Street bailout.

We will reform Congress by ending backroom deals and will create a more transparent process that accepts input from the American people. We will require all bills to be online for 72 hours so members of Congress and the American people can read them before they are voted upon. We will require open hearings and honest debate on all legislation and, most importantly, we will require that each piece of legislation that is considered contains a citation of Constitutional authority.

We will repeal the job killing health care law and replace it with market based reforms that will focus on lowering costs and expanding access to quality care without bankrupting our government or placing draconian mandates on job creators.

We also will continue to ensure the security of a strong America. No longer will we allow our troops to be used as political footballs and will end the practice of loading up troop funding bills with wasteful, unrelated spending that can not be passed on its own.

We will defend our borders and support the efforts of states to help to enforce federal immigration laws. We also will ensure that our armed forces continue to be the best trained, best equipped and most lethal fighting force in the world so that they can continue to protect our freedom.

This agenda is truly the people’s agenda and I am proud to take this pledge. I urge all Michiganians to read the entire Pledge to America.–GOP–Pledge–a-product-of-what-the-people-want

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