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Michigan Republicans Pete Hoekstra, Candice Miller call for heads to roll in WikiLeaks disclosures

by Candice Miller on November 30, 2010

Published: Tuesday, November 30, 2010, 4:54 AM     Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2010, 11:47 AM
Jeff Cranson | The Grand Rapids Press Jeff Cranson | The Grand Rapids Press
Pete Hoekstra.

West Michigan Congressman Pete Hoekstra joined the chorus of condemnation for the latest WikiLeaks’ document disclosures today saying the website’s founders are determined to undermine U.S. National security.

In an op/ed in Politico today, Hoekstra argues the disclosure “reflects the failure of government officials to protect sensitive national security information and the systems necessary to maintain our national secrets.

In appearances today on CBS, ABC and FOX, Hoekstra, ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said the ongoing release of sensitive information by the watchdog web site is an embarrassment to the Obama administration.

The documents included what some say are Washington’s most vital state secrets, including information about American diplomats spying on UN officials. Among other disclosures in the 250,000 diplomatic cables were details about Arab leaders secretly pleading for air strikes on Iran.

In a news release Monday, Hoekstra said the release represents a critical failure by the Pentagon and intelligence community to protect sensitive national security information. 
The Obama administration offered similarly harsh criticism and the U.S. Attorney General’s office launched an investigation.

U.S. Rep. Peter King, R-New York, took a decidedly different view, calling on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to designate WikeLeaks as a “foreign terrorist organization.”

Late today, Hoestrka’s colleague in the Michigan Republican delegation, U.S. Rep. Candice Miller of Macomb County, said she supports King’s move to designate WikiLeaks a “Foreign Terrorist Organization.

“There is absolutely no justification for the release of these documents as the prime beneficiaries of this release are the al Qaeda terrorist organization and the terror supporting regime in Iran,” Miller said in a statement.

But Michael Hirsh, writing in the National Journal Sunday, argued the documents’ release could be viewed as a breath of fresh air. “Many of the uncovered documents could be seen as a bracing gust of honesty in a world of often stagnant diplomatic progress,” writes Hirsh.

“Indeed, perhaps it’s somewhat apt that on a Thanksgiving holiday weekend, U.S. diplomats around the world are seen talking turkey,” opines Hirsh.

In other statements from the Obama Administration, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said WikiLeaks is an attack on the international community.

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