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Rep. Miller: Wikileaks a ‘foreign terrorist organization’

by Candice Miller on November 30, 2010

WASHINGTON – U.S. Congresswoman Candice Miller (MI-10) today made the following statement regarding the recent release of classified U.S. State Department documents by WikiLeaks. Miller said:

“The recent release of classified State Department communications by WikiLeaks is a dangerous threat to our national security and those of our allies in the Global War on Terror. There is absolutely no justification for the release of these documents as the prime beneficiaries of this release are the al Qaeda terrorist organization and the terror supporting regime in Iran. I fully support the effort of the incoming Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Peter King (R-NY) to have WikiLeaks declared a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the United States Government. In addition, I fully support Attorney General Eric Holder’s plan to prosecute the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, under the Espionage Act. Mr. Assange has unnecessarily placed our nation and our military in harms way and he needs to be held to the fullest extent of the law.

“WikiLeaks’ actions make the world a more dangerous place and put the lives of innocent Americans and many of our courageous foreign allies at great risk. The further release of additional national secrets cannot be allowed and the Obama Administration must move swiftly to take decisive action against WikiLeaks and any person within our government who has aided or abetted their efforts to undermine our national security.”–Wikileaks-a–foreign-terrorist-organization-

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