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Start Allowing America to Produce More Energy

by Candice Miller on January 30, 2011

WASHINGTON – U.S. Congresswoman Candice Miller (MI-10) today called on the President and the Administration to open up additional areas for domestic energy exploration. Miller said the following:

“The President’s call for increased taxes on oil and gas exploration during the recent State of the Union Address further discourages exploration for domestic energy reserves, which will drive up gasoline costs at the pump even higher. The approach he proposed is the wrong approach to making America more energy independent; in fact it will make us more dependent on foreign sources of energy. With energy prices going ever higher and the challenges facing American families and small businesses becoming more difficult, it is simply astounding to me that President Obama would put forward a plan to make their situation worse.

“Our nation has vast energy resources that have been declared off limits by the federal government. This is a prime reason for our current dependence on foreign sources of energy. President Obama and his Administration have made it very clear that they will offer no plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil or reduce the ever increasing prices Americans pay at the pump because the Administration continues to refuse to open up vast domestic energy reserves to exploration. Keeping these sources blocked not only will slow our economic recovery; it will also halt the creation of needed jobs.

“Energy security equals national security and we must open up the available domestic reserves of oil and gas for exploration so America can be secure in its energy needs, as well as drive dive down the cost of gasoline at the pump. During our nation’s tentative economic recovery, where we still face unacceptable levels of unemployment, expanding exploration for oil and gas resources here at home will create hundreds of thousands of good paying American jobs, as well as help reduce the cost of energy for every American family. I ask that the President and the Administration take immediate action to increase domestic production and bring more energy solutions to the table. I also urge my colleagues in Congress to pass important legislation that I have been proud to co-sponsor that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reduce prices for hard pressed American consumers.”
Miller is a cosponsor of:
H.R.49 the American Energy Independence and Price Reduction Act – will create hundreds of thousands of jobs across America, reduce the cost of energy and use revenues from the oil and gas production in a 2,000 acre section of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for a vast array of renewable energy programs; and
H.RES.44 Expressing Support for Responsible Offshore Oil and Gas Development – A Resolution expressing the sense of the House that a moratorium by the Executive Branch on new offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling should be terminated.

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