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Rep. Miller: Individual mandate in health care bill unconstitutional

by Candice Miller on February 3, 2011

Macomb Daily
U.S. Rep. Candice Miller praised a federal judge’s ruling today in Florida that said the individual mandate in the health care reform bill, requiring all Americans to purchase health insurance, is unconstitutional:
“Judge (roger) Vinson’s ruling is a victory for our constitution,” said Miller, a Harrison Township Republican. “I voted against ‘Obamacare,’ and recently was proud to vote in favor of the repeal bill which overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives. I have always believed that Obamacare exceeds the limits of the constitution, costs too much and is funded with job-destroying new taxes.
“There is no dispute that the constitution empowers the federal government to regulate interstate commerce, but I agree with Judge Vinson’s conclusion that the individual mandate included in Obamacare goes too far by forcing citizens to participate in interstate commerce against their will.”
“If this provision,” Miller added, “were allowed to stand, it would expand federal power to force individuals to purchase anything the federal government desired, which would be a profound intrusion on the personal lives of every American.”
Miller said she believes the ruling, which is expected to face a Justice Department appeal, could largely invalidate the health care bill signed by the president last year because the individual mandate was central to the overall structure of the reforms.
The congresswoman said the Congress should start over and adopt a bill that focuses on lowering health care costs through market forces, not through government rules and regulations.

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