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No thanks, Mr. President

by Candice Miller on March 1, 2011

Miller on state waiver: No thanks, Mr. President
Posted by Henry Payne The Detroit News
On the defensive over Obamacare, President Obama has already provided numerous corporate waivers to his expensive healthcare federalization as companies threatened to drop health insurance for their employees altogether.
Now, with courts ruling his pet legislation unconstitutional, some states are dropping out of Obamacare compliance, a threat that Obama tried to address today with MORE waivers, this time for the states. The president said he would grant states a waiver providing they could prove they would have the same health coverage standards for the same number of individuals
Michigan Congresswoman Candice Miller (Michigan is one of the states suing over Obamacare) was quick to respond.
“Respectfully, Mr. President, states should not have to ask the federal government for permission to opt-out of a provision which has already been ruled unconstitutional by two federal courts,” said Miller in a press release. “Frankly speaking, an earlier opt-out date does not change the fact that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. What we need to do is repeal Obamacare and start over while listening to our governors and the American people on the best way forward.”

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