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Village provides flood plain data

by Candice Miller on May 12, 2011

Sanilac County News
PORT SANILAC — The Village Council obtained five flood plain bench marks so residents can find out if their properties will have to have federal flood insurance.
“If you can establish you are not below the flood plain minimum, you can get a certificate that goes continually with the property so you do not have to buy flood insurance every year. You can get a one- time survey and mark it above the flood plain,” explained Council President Andy Fabian.
“We are being pro-active, even though (Congresswoman) Candice Miller is trying to get Michigan out of it,” Fabian stated.
The council originally wanted to just establish whether village property -the marina and park north of the village -were in the flood plain, and then decided to have the engineers establish the elevations along the lake front for residents.
In other business, the council voted to pay themselves stipends for special meetings. Previously the president and trustees were not paid for any special meetings. The president will now receive $30 and trustees $25 for meetings other than the regular council meetings
They amended the open burning ordinance to give residents an additional 30 days in which they can burn yard waste. The burning ban will now run from April 30 to November 1.
Council tabled a motion to establish the title of captain of police for Sgt. Nate Smith in order to review the legal and union issues. The captain position would remain non-union and part-time and involved no increase in benefits or wages.

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