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Congressman wants feds to define crossover violence along border

by Candice Miller on June 9, 2011

With violence along the Texas-Mexico border escalating, some Republican lawmakers are gearing up for increased spillover onto U.S. soil.
Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Congressman Francisco Canseco, surrounded by sheriffs from counties on the border, spoke outside the State Capitol on border violence.
“We should define what is happening on our border,” said Canseco, R-San Antonio.
Canseco is concerned about what is happening on the other side of the border.
“If it is not safe, then let’s make sure we’re doing the right thing and employing the right resources for taking care of United States citizens,” he said.
Canseco filed a bill last week that would create a federal definition of the term cross over or spillover violence.
“What this does is attempts to quantify with discernible metrics what is and is not cross-border violence,” Canseco said.
Donald Ray is the Executive Director of The Border Sheriff’s Coalition. His organization supports the bill and believes it will better document border violence.
“We cannot control what happens in Mexico,” said Ray. “They are our neighbors and our friends and in many cases our family.  We’re very proud this is the bill that holds us all accountable like we should be held.”
Canseco hopes filing his bill will force the federal government to correctly measure the border problems and focus on protecting the lives and property of Americans.
The legislation would also require the Department of Homeland Security secretary to regularly report to Congress on incidences of cross-border violence.
The legislation is co-sponsored by Congressman Michael McCaul and Michigan Congresswoman Candice Miller, both Republicans. There is no companion legislation filed in the Democrat-controlled Senate, making it an uphill battle for Canseco’s bill to become law.

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