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Candice Miller endorsed Governor Rick Perry in his campaign for President

by Candice Miller on September 9, 2011

 U.S. Rep. Candice Miller endorsed Governor Rick Perry in his campaign for president, saying he is the best candidate to get America working again.
To join Rep. Miller in supporting Rick Perry, you can
Join his campaign at
Make a donation to his campaign at
Rep. Miller: “Lots of candidates talk about job creation, but no one has delivered like Rick Perry. Since Rick Perry became Governor, Texas has gained more than one million jobs – a stark contrast to the 2.4 million jobs America has lost on President Obama’s watch.”
“The Perry record is less government spending, balanced budgets, less burdensome regulation, a lower tax burden and more jobs,” Miller said. “The Obama record is millions unemployed, a stagnant economy and a crushing burden of government debt on our children and grandchildren. The choice in my mind is clear; Rick Perry is the right leader to get our nation back to work.”
 Gov. Perry wants to bring manufacturing back to the Midwest, and jobs back to American workers.  Together we will be important allies in that fight as well as the campaign to win Michigan’s 16 electoral votes. 
 Please take a moment to join Gov. Perry’s campaign, and consider a donation to help spread his unmatched record of job creation to voters across our great state and nation.
 Candice S. Miller

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