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Letters: House Republicans pass responsible funding

by Candice Miller on October 3, 2011

Detroit Free Press
We write in response to the Sept. 27 editorial, “Miller, McCotter join GOP hostage takers.” Your editorial claimed that U.S. House Republicans are continually holding our nation hostage in budgetary fights and are now putting disaster relief in danger. Your contention is unfair.
Earlier this year, the House passed a responsible budget that makes reductions in spending, addresses long-term budget problems, and puts America on a path to prosperity. We then passed appropriations bills under the guidance of that budget.
Unfortunately, the Senate has failed to pass a budget for nearly 900 days and hasn’t passed a single appropriation bill for the coming fiscal year, making negotiations on a long-term government funding bill impossible and requiring the use of yet another short-term funding bill.
The funding bill that we passed includes disaster aid, and additional requested funding was properly offset by spending cuts, so as not to increase the deficit. The Free Press and Democrats object to the offset of $1.5 billion taken from an auto industry government loan guarantee program. They would rather continue to spend indefinitely than make tough choices.
We both worked to enact that program to aid our domestic auto industry. Ford has received nearly $6 billion from this fund, Chrysler will soon receive over $3 billion, and GM has opted to not participate. None of that funding was at risk because of this cut. It should be noted, however, that this program also provided $1.4 billion in loans to Nissan and nearly $1 billion to Fisker Automotive and Tesla to help them build $100,000-plus sports cars. We do not believe such products should be propped up with taxpayer money.
Additionally, the House cut another $100 million from the Department of Energy program that gave $500 million to the now bankrupt solar company, Solyndra. We strongly believe that taxpayer money shouldn’t be put at risk to fund companies where there is no market for their products, or simply because they have the right political connections.
The true hostage takers here are Democrats holding up taxpayers to prop up Big Government. We will not apologize for our continuing efforts to protect the taxpayers against government overspending and to bring fiscal sanity to Washington. Rather than attacking us, the Free Press should demand that the U.S. Senate actually do its job and pass a budget.
Candice S. Miller
U.S. House, District 10, Harrison Township
Thaddeus McCotter
U.S. House, District 11, Livonia

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