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Rep. Miller plans to introduce bill to stop Asian carp

by Candice Miller on January 28, 2014

Published:  Tuesday, January 28, 2014 7:40 AM EST

BY NICHOLAS GRENKE Tribune Staff Writer
BAD AXE — U.S. Rep Candice Miller, R-Harrison Township, said that she plans to introduce legislation this week to tackle the Asian carp problem in the Great Lakes.
“You can look for me to introduce legislation shortly,” Miller said Thursday during an interview at the Tribune.
Miller said that the Army Corps of Engineers recently presented several plans for stopping the invasive species from spreading from the Mississippi River Basin into the Great Lakes. The 232-page report had several plans — ranging from doing nothing to stop the spread of the fish all the way to creating a complete separation of the two water systems.

“I’m one who has been supportive for complete separation,” Miller said.

However, she admitted that her chances are probably not very good for getting legislation through for that solution. There will be several different pieces of legislation she plans to introduce.

“This is something I’m very passionate about,” Miller said.

She added that six out of the eight states that border the Great Lakes are for some form of action, but Illinois is against a plan and Indiana is sitting on the fence. The fact that President Barrack Obama is from Chicago is causing a problem, preventing any work from getting done, she added.

“Chicago doesn’t want it. Illinois doesn’t want it,” Miller said. “I’m telling you, this administration is just saying no.”

Miller criticized Obama and discussed her recent Stop the Overreaching Presidency resolution, which she co-sponsored in the House of Representatives. According to Miller, the resolution seeks legal action against the president for ignoring the U.S. laws.

She said the job of the president is to enforce the law, but, in recent years, the executive branch has gained more power.

“We don’t have a king here in America. … This administration has, in my opinion, some significant overreaches, that don’t meet constitutional muster,” Miller said. “I feel strongly in a separation of powers.”

When asked what the end game was and if the resolution was a symbolic gesture, Miller said that legal scholars have told her that a single member of Congress cannot bring suit against the president, but that she intends to look into other options.

“The founding fathers and the Constitution in my mind is very clear. I think the president has overstepped it in many areas, so the end game in my mind is to hopefully put him in check,” she said.

“If that means court action, we might have to go to that and that never has never happened before

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