Candice Miller for Congress, Michigan

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A Message From Candice

Thank you for visiting  It is truly my honor to serve the people of Michigan’s 10th Congressional District in the United States Congress at this vital time in our nation’s history.

During the last few years our nation has gone terribly off track.  Americans have watched as the Democrat majority in Washington and the Obama administration have dramatically increased deficit spending on failed big government solutions to our nation’s economic problems and passed the bill along to our children and grandchildren.   This out of control Washington spending has got to stop.

I want to bring common sense back to Washington.   Washington needs to begin to live within its means just like every family and small business job provider.  That means reducing spending and reigning in government.  We also must hold the line on taxes so families are better able to make ends meet and job creators can invest in their businesses to create new jobs.  It is clear that big government solutions have not worked and we must instead empower individual Americans to provide for their own needs.

Please review the other issues of great importance that I address on this web-site that I believe will help us to meet the challenges facing our state and nation.  While we are going through difficult times today, I have faith and confidence in the greatness of America and know that together we can meet any challenge.

I ask for your support so please sign up today as a campaign volunteer or obtain a lawn sign.  Thank you again for visiting my web-site and if you need further information please contact my campaign office at 586-323-4980.


Candice S. Miller