Candice Miller for Congress, Michigan

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Defending our Nation

Defending our Nation:

Candice Miller believes the first and foremost responsibility of our federal government is to provide for the national defense, that is in the Pre-Amble of our Constitution.  This is a responsibility that she takes seriously and will never back down in the defense of our nation.

Keeping our military strong:

In order to protect our nation and the freedom that we all hold dear Candice Miller believes we must ensure that our military remains strong.  Throughout her career she has made it a priority to ensure that the United States military remains the best trained, best equipped and most lethal fighting force in the world.

She also knows that we must continue to support the brave men and women who volunteer to serve in uniform to protect our freedom.  Our nation has made promises to those who serve that we will reward them for their brave service and Candice Miller has always stood up to ensure that we honor those promises.  She also believes the federal government must also continue to honor those veterans who have worn the uniform and fought in defense of freedom.

Defending our homeland:

Candice Miller believes that a critical component of our national defense is to properly defend our homeland.  She is currently the only member from Michigan serving on the House Homeland Security Committee where she has made Northern Border Security a priority.

Michigan is a border state and the 10th Congressional District is home to the Blue Water Bridge, the second busiest border crossing on the Northern Border, the CN Rail tunnel which is the busiest rail entry into our nation and a long liquid border along Lake Huron, the St. Clair River and Lake St. Clair.  As the Ranking Republican on this panel she is working to ensure that the Customs and Border Protection Service, Border Patrol, Coast Guard  and other agencies responsible for protecting our border have the resources and manpower they need to protect our community from drug traffickers and human smugglers from crossing our border.

Candice Miller is strongly supportive of efforts to secure our Southern Border from illegal entries that threaten public safety and our economy.  She has supported building the border fence along our Southern Border and using all aspects of national power to make our border more secure.  She is also strongly supportive of efforts of states like Arizona to take appropriate actions to assist in enforcing federal law against illegal entry into our nation.