Candice Miller for Congress, Michigan

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Promoting job growth and getting our economy moving again
There is no issue of greater importance in our nation than growing our economy to allow for new job creation.  Ever bigger government which places onerous new burdens on job providers is one of the greatest impediments to new job growth.
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Keeping taxes low and fighting out of control spending
The federal budget deficit has exceeded over $1.4 trillion for each of the past two years.  Candice Miller does not believe that we have these out of control deficits because the American people’s taxes are too low – she believes we have these deficits because the federal government spends too much.
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Defending Our Nation
Candice Miller believes the first and foremost responsibility of our federal government is to provide for the national defense, that is in the Pre-Amble of our Constitution.  This is a responsibility that she takes seriously and will never back down in the defense of our nation.
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Making health care more affordable and accessible
Candice Miller believes that it is vital that we bring down the cost of healthcare and make it more accessible to every American.  That was not achieved in the massive government takeover of healthcare passed this year by Congress.  She believes there are several steps that we can take to accomplish this goal.
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Protecting the Great Lakes
Candice Miller has made protecting the Great Lakes as one of her primary advocacies throughout her career in public service.  She believes that the Great Lakes, which represent fully 20% of the world’s surface fresh water, are a national treasure which must be protected and represent the identity of our state.
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