Candice Miller for Congress, Michigan

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Making Healthcare More Affordable And Accessible

Too many Michigan families are facing the prospect of losing their health care which is why we must do more in Washington to ensure the availability and affordability of health care. I support plans to allow small businesses to band together to share risk and reduce costs so that they can provide quality health care for their workers. I also support ways to allow displaced employees to continue their coverage while they seek new employment.

We also must do more to reduce costs. This means we must enact medical liability reform because far too often trial lawyers treat doctors, hospitals and other health care providers as ATMs and force them to conduct defensive medicine. This drives up cost unnecessarily and it must be stopped.

I have also supported the safe reimportation of prescription drugs from Canada to allow more of our citizens cheaper access to the drugs they need. I will continue to work to enact this important provision.

I continue to support the expanded use of health savings accounts to allow families to save for their own medical needs and to put market forces into health care costs.

While we do more to help bring down costs and make health care more accessible, we must do more to protect the most vulnerable in our society and those who have served our nation, our seniors, our children and our veterans.

This is why I supported the prescription drug benefit for seniors under Medicare. For too long, many seniors had to make the impossible decision between paying their bills and buying the drugs they need to stay healthy. The plan we passed is working well and has actually cost less than originally forecasted.

I also supported the State Children’s Health Insurance Program which provides health care benefits to thousands of Michigan’s children who would otherwise go without care. This important program is now the law of the land and our children are getting the care they need.

I also continue to support providing the health care benefits earned by those who served our nation in the defense of our freedom. I will fight any effort to limit benefits particularly for those with service related injuries. Our warriors have earned their benefits and we cannot go back