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House formally authorizes CBP for first time

by Candice Miller on July 31, 2014

By Mark Rockwell Jul 31, 2014 On July 23, the House voted to require Customs and Border Protection to take a comprehensive look at a troubled port security program. But legislators also gave the agency something it has long lacked: clear statutory authority for its operations. The House unanimously passed, by voice vote, the U.S. Customs […]

Published: July 30, 2014 7:22 PM By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A sharply divided House approved a Republican plan Wednesday to launch a campaign-season lawsuit against President Barack Obama, accusing him of exceeding the bounds of his constitutional authority. Obama and other Democrats derided the effort as a stunt aimed at tossing political red meat to conservative […]

Pressure Central America to act

by Candice Miller on July 16, 2014

I would like to respond to “Immigration reform is too long overdue,” the Times Herald’s June 28 editorial regarding immigration reform and my recent calls to cut off aid to the Mexican and Central American governments unwilling to help the U.S. stop the unprecedented surge of immigrant children being illegally smuggled from and through their […]

Trail of the Month: July 2014 Michigan’s Macomb Orchard Trail By Laura Stark “It’s been one of the most positive things to happen for the community. We get so many users on it, and people see the positive impact it has. Everything we hear about the expansion of the trail system has been positive.” ** PARTNER […]

U.S. immigration laws must have meaning

by Candice Miller on July 11, 2014

Detroit News Editorial by U.S. Rep. Candice Miller For those of us in Michigan, where our international boundary with Canada is secure and regulated, the spectacle unfolding at the U.S. southern border is like something out of a dystopian futurist freak show. Tens of thousands of migrants, many of them unaccompanied children, from Mexico and […]