Candice Miller for Congress, Michigan

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Promoting job growth and getting our economy moving again

There is no issue of greater importance in our nation than growing our economy to allow for new job creation.  Ever bigger government which places onerous new burdens on job providers is one of the greatest impediments to new job growth.

Far too often common sense is absent when federal regulators place new burdens on the job creating sector.  As an example Candice Miller recently uncovered a new regulation that the Environmental Protection Agency was poised to place on American dairy farmers which would equate milk with oil and require them to place expensive new oil containment devices on their farms.  This ridiculous regulation would place massive new expenses on farmers and drive up the cost of milk for consumers with no discernable benefit.  She introduced legislation to stop this regulation from being promulgated and the EPA backed down.  She will continue to work against new federal regulations designed to make it more difficult to do business and create jobs with no benefit to the public.  She will work to require a cost benefit analysis on any new regulation that puts a bias toward business expansion and new job growth.

She also believes that we must not allow taxes to rise on families and small business job creators during these difficult economic times.  She will continue to fight to keep taxes low to give businesses a better opportunity to meet their payrolls and grow new jobs.

During World War II our region was known as the Arsenal of Democracy because we had the industrial capacity and skilled workforce to build the weapons that led the world to peace. Since that time we have seen our share of defense contracts shrink and that has been a loss to not only our region, but also to our nation because we have the most productive and innovative workforce in the world. That is why she continues to fight to ensure that Michigan companies and workers have a greater ability to compete for defense contracts by supporting innovative efforts like the Macomb County Defense Corridor and by holding defense contracting workshops in our community.  These efforts are a win for Michigan companies and workers because they receive new business and create new jobs.  It is also a win for our nation and those who serve in our military because they get access to some of the most innovative companies in the world and the best trained and skilled workforce in our nation.

Throughout our nation’s history economic growth has always followed the transportation grid whether it be ports for shipping, canals, wagon trains, railroads, highways and air links. That is why Candice Miller is working on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to ensure that our area gets back our fair share of federal tax dollars so that we can fix our crumbling roads and outdated infrastructure. She is also working to ensure that we protect and expand our local harbors, which are critical to our tourist economy, and support our local airports which benefit Michigan industries and create jobs.

Candice Miller will continue to work to promote new job growth in Michigan and ensure that the federal government is putting forward policies that support an expanding economy.