Candice Miller for Congress, Michigan

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Protecting the Great Lakes

Candice Miller has made protecting the Great Lakes as one of her primary advocacies throughout her career in public service.  She believes that the Great Lakes, which represent fully 20% of the world’s surface fresh water, are a national treasure which must be protected and represent the identity of our state.

Protecting Drinking Water:

The drinking water for nearly five million people in Southeast Michigan comes from water in-take pipes in the St. Clair River and Lake St. Clair.  For years this area has been subjected to dangerous chemical spills and pollution run-off and we had no system to quickly identify the presence of pollutants so that water officials could close valves and protect our drinking water.  Candice Miller worked with local officials to establish a federal/state/local real-time water quality monitoring system.  These devices were placed at water in-take pipes throughout the region which monitor water every 15 minutes to check for the presence of dangerous pollution.  This new system stands as a model of government cooperation to protect the people.

Fighting Invasive Species:

Candice Miller has been a leader in the effort to keep invasive species out of our Great Lakes.  For years invaders like zebra muscles, sea lampreys, fragmites and others have wreaked havoc on our eco-system and enacted great costs on local governments.  Candice Miller fought for new regulations on ocean going vessels that enter Great Lakes waters to ensure that we better protect against new species being introduced into our waters.  She has also worked to garner support to local communities to eradicate invaders who find their way into the lakes.  She understands that protecting our ecosystem is vital to the health of our lakes and our economy.

Standing Strong against Asian Carp:

Candice Miller understands the threat posed if the Asian Carp gain a foothold in the Great Lakes.  She is an original co-sponsor of the CARP Act which would force the closure of locks on the Chicago Diversionary canal and expand barriers to keep the carp out of the lakes.  She is also working to ensure that the Army Corps of Engineers is continuing to move forward on efforts to separate the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes basin to keep the carp out of the lakes.

If Asian Carp are allowed to enter the Great Lakes it will cause havoc to the ecosystem and would have a massive impact on Michigan’s economy.  Candice Miller will continue the fight to protect our lakes from this destructive invader.